Thursday, 18 June 2009

Illustration Friday "Unfold"

Ok so I think the shading in this nearly sent me blind but here it is! And I believe in time too! ( pats himself on the back ). There was a tiny glitch with this weeks project, I completed myself a canvas for this weeks IF but it didnt come out as i wanted it to ( I may show you if I can rescue it ) so I sketched this little lady last night. Im going to upload a few other projects ive been working on soon because Im trying to develop my style a little and get the carachters a little more fluid?? Im not sure of te right words but Im going to have another experiment anyways!
Hope you like this weeks!
Much Love

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Illustration Friday "Craving"

Hey Guys!

Sooo sorry for the HUGE break but Ive been a stupidly busy bee working and doing kids book stuff and facing a daily battle with canvases! I havent had much time to get anything done but made some good progress over the last few days with some project so Ill have plenty to show you soon!

Also, I have no idea how to "follow" someone's blog! This whole blogging thing is new to me so if you can give me a few pointers that would be great!

Hope you like the new one!

Ryan xxx

Monday, 27 April 2009

Illustration Friday "Theatre"

"On My Way"

Hello! Well blimey, I've managed to finish two Illustration Friday topics in time, in a row! I think I deserve some cake... lol I just put together a simple image or a boy running late to the theatre but we shall forget for now that the mask in his pocket is more a symbol of going to a ball because that was totally lost on me until it was finished!

Also just a quick message to say THANK YOU for all of your lovely encouraging responses to my work, it's really helping me to raise my confidence and share more!

Uber Hugs to all of you xxx

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Illustration Friday "Impossibility"

Here's my entry for this weeks Illustration Friday theme "impossibility". I think I might have actually done it, completely finished and uploaded an in time to put on the Ilustration Friday's website!
Hope you like her!
Ryan xx

Illustration Friday "Fleeting"

Here's another almost-entry for Illustration Friday! Ok so I know it isnt exactly brimming with colour but I did it in brown pencil so I comfort myself at night by thinking that it almost counts. I just have to get the knack of entering these things now! Well, Ive figured out the blog thing so I think that's a good start atleast!

Ryan xx

Illustration Friday "Poise"

"Count to nine..."

Here's my almost-entry for Illustration Friday "Poise". I was doodling in my sketchbook and this little lady turned up, I did however, completely forget to enter her but I thought I'd share anyways!
Ryan xx

Learning To Wish.

So here it is! My first post in this blog! This blog is for my artwork and any of my art realted stuffs and I begin with my first canvas. Its called "Learning to Wish". I've never really done a canvas before so it was nice to do but what I liked most was working in COLOUR! As much as I love working in pencil I've become a smidge addicted to the process so a splash of colour here and there I think will do me the world of good. Anyhoo, hope you like it and I'll post more soon!
Ryan xx